Monday, September 24, 2012

Rejuvenate is the miracle product that restores seals and protects any type of hardwood flooring. It has 51 patented polymers which makes what's old look new again.

Use Rejuvenate Floor Restorer for a lasting, showroom shine on all kinds of floors including hardwood, laminates, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble and slate.

Rejuvenate saves cost of having floors professionally refinished
Effortless, odorless application - just clean, pour & mop
Millions of satisfied customers

In one, easy mop on application of Rejuvenate fills in scratches, restores original shine, seals and protects your floors.

Rejuvenate Auto 15-Minute Wash & Wax

Rejuvenate Auto is technologically advanced. It is the 15 minute wash and wax for your vehicle.

Unlike the traditional soap-and-sponge approach and automatic drive-through car washes that have been proven in studies to scratch, dull and damage the finish, Rejuvenate® Auto 15-Minute Wash & Wax Protectant gently lifts dirt, fills in swirl marks and minor scratches and removes oxidation from every type of automotive finish. Then, it seals in the clean with a strong carnauba wax coating to protect vehicles from acid rain, water marks, bird droppings and oxidation to deliver a like-new, showroom-quality finish.

Cleans, Shines & Restores Your Finish
Instantly Fills In Swirl Marks & Minor Scratches
Safe For ALL Finishes
Uses NO Water & NEVER Scratches
Makes Heavily Oxidized Paint Look Brand New
Protects Your Car From UV Damage, Salt, Acid Rain & Staining