Monday, September 24, 2012

Rejuvenate Auto 15-Minute Wash & Wax

Rejuvenate Auto is technologically advanced. It is the 15 minute wash and wax for your vehicle.

Unlike the traditional soap-and-sponge approach and automatic drive-through car washes that have been proven in studies to scratch, dull and damage the finish, Rejuvenate® Auto 15-Minute Wash & Wax Protectant gently lifts dirt, fills in swirl marks and minor scratches and removes oxidation from every type of automotive finish. Then, it seals in the clean with a strong carnauba wax coating to protect vehicles from acid rain, water marks, bird droppings and oxidation to deliver a like-new, showroom-quality finish.

Cleans, Shines & Restores Your Finish
Instantly Fills In Swirl Marks & Minor Scratches
Safe For ALL Finishes
Uses NO Water & NEVER Scratches
Makes Heavily Oxidized Paint Look Brand New
Protects Your Car From UV Damage, Salt, Acid Rain & Staining

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